Oatmeal and Honey Soap
Author: Kelly - Simple Life Mom
Prep time: 1 hour
Total time: 1 hour
Lye Water
At Trace Add:
  1. Combine beeswax, lard, olive oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil in a large stainless steel pot and melt. Cool to 100 degrees F.
  2. Outside, combine lye to water (never water to lye).
  3. Combine Fats and Lye water when both are 100 degrees F.
  4. Mix with a hand or stick blender until trace.
  5. Add blended oats (blend before starting soap process), cinnamon, and honey.
  6. Mix with a hand or stick mixer until ingredients are fully incorporated.
  7. Pour into prepared mold.
  8. Insulate for 24 hours, then remove, cut, and let cure for 4-6 weeks.
Recipe by Simple Life Mom at https://simplelifemom.com/2012/11/14/oatmeal-and-honey-soap/